Hypixel Pocket Edition


Hypixel PE was a project to bring Hypixel to the Bedrock version of Minecraft to make the server available on phones. It managed to reach 18,000+ concurrent players.

This was a 3-man project. It was a challenge because the server platform we were using was in C# rather than Java, with a totally different API.

My part in the project was to build everything on the game server:

  • Framework to build games to stay familiar with Hypixel devs which would be moved from Java
  • 5 minigames (SkyWars, Survival Games, Build Battle, Simon Says and Arena)
  • Lobby, pre-game and post-game lobbies
  • Stats and leaderboards


Interestingly enough, lots of features which came from PE became staples of the main server, like clickable NPCs for games, hologram leaderboards, using Redis, Arena became The Pit…