Hypixel SkyBlock


Hypixel SkyBlock is a fully-fledged MMO within Minecraft. It reached 100k+ concurrent players, has thousands of hours worth of content and has an incredible community.

I was part of the initial team creating the game, focusing on the backend systems:

  • Island storage
  • Auction House
  • Profile/inventory saving
  • Co-op profiles
  • Instancing

In the years following release, I contributed to tons of updates to the game, including solo content pieces, large releases with teammates and complex systems.

Here’s a list to back it up:



That list of course doesn’t include many many dozens of patches related to running a live-service game, including dealing with item dupes, game exploits, moderator tools, custom support tools… Although as the team grew, I’ve been able to focus most of my time on content.

What led to the team growing were the combination of having a persistent economy game, the Bazaar update and the Community Center updates which introduced the Booster Cookie on the bazaar.

The updates I’m most proud of are:

  • The Enderman Slayer Boss, because the items’ design were very creative and the boss encounter itself set a new benchmark for our custom mobs.
  • The Foraging Island, as it was a smooth-sailing project of filling a new island with side content.
  • Bazaar, as it changed the whole game and the system itself is nice, handling millions of sales every day.
  • Community Center, not just because of effective monetization, but it also added Mayor Elections, which is innovative within MMOs.
  • The Rift, which is a whole 10-20h playtime addon which I feel has some of my best work in it.